Deputy Chief Editor


Zviad Kheladze

MD, PHD Professor, Academicia n Born in 1985 in Georgia, Georgia, 2008 He holds a PhD in medicine. In 2009 he became a Certified Doctor of Critical Medicine, in 2006 completed the “International Haus Sertificate Program” and in 2012 participated in the "Sabit Hospital Administration Program" (USA). 2010 - Present - Full Professor and deputy director of the Institute of Critical Care Medicine. He is the author of more than 570 scientific papers. Among them are 5 textbooks, 3 monographs and 4 patents. He holds three dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine. 2016 - present is the annual international scientific symposium in Tbilisi. “New Steps in Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine ”General Secretary, 2017 – Secretary General of the World's First International Workshop of the Interacademy Partnership in Critical Care Medicine.

380059, Chachava Street 1, Tbilisi, Gorgia.

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Critical Care Medicine Institute
Main directions of Institute’s activities comprise: training of medical personnel, scientific research, medical practice, and publishing periodicals.