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Journal of Critical Care& Catastrophe Medicine (ISSN 1512-2689) was founded in 2005 and is the founder and publisher of the Institute of Critical Care Medicine of Georgia. Articles in the journal are published in English and Georgian. The journal is a non-profit, peer-reviewed and peer-referrer scientific publication. Each of his articles is peer-reviewed by the staff of the Critical Care Medicine Institute of Georgia and is cited in the Georgian Review Journal. /Eng/ QRJ.html. Members of the journal's editorial board are leading specialists anchors in the mentioned field from Georgia, the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Israel, Egypt, and elsewhere. The electronic version of the journal (ISSN 1512-2689) is a short version of the hard copy and can be found at: 

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ISSN 1512 -2689.



To The Authors' Attention

The journal is published in Georgian and English languages. In the editorial a basic and abridged version of the work should be submitted. Both versions should preferably be performed in the traditional style: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, References and Summary. Both versions should also contain abstracts in Georgian and English. The basic version of the stats should not exceed 10-12 page. The abridged version of the article should primarily convey the scientific news contained in this work and its volume should not exceed 3-5 pages.Edit is not responsible for published scientific articles

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